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The best call center software allows agents to resolve customer issues quickly. The best call center features include time tracking and more. It is important to remember that call center software is an investment in customer support satisfaction. Why is call center software good for customer satisfaction. That question is answered in part by the purpose of call center software. Essentially, the primary purpose of call center software is to help businesses manage various channels of customer communication over:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Instant messaging
  • SMS text
  • Social media

Call center software is a technology that can automate call routing and recordings, along with many other features. In an ideal situation, call center software should be used as part of a customer support model or a help desk software with a service ticketing feature. A service ticketing feature will help customer support agents quickly answer customer issues allowing the support representative to take action and successfully resolve customer challenges. 

call center features

Call Center Software is Essential During COVID-19

As a business, it is critical that your phone teams are prepared to work from home or remotely now, more than ever. Freshcaller’s cloud-based phone solution gives you the flexibility to break free from your desk and work from anywhere. You can manage and run your phone operations seamlessly even while working remotely. During COVID-19 quarantines, you will be able to easily deploy the best call routing engine complete with IVRs, smart escalations, and best-in-class on-call capabilities for agents to transfer calls, notes, or conferences with others.

Types of Call Center Software

As mentioned previously, the purpose of call center software is to help businesses efficiently and effectively manage customer communication coming from multiple channels and sources. Depending on how the customer communications are processed and how the service level system is deployed. Call center software can be classified into the two following types:

1.   On-premise call center systems. These are usually sold with an on-time utilization license where the company user takes care of the upgrade and maintenance of the call center. These typically require installing private branch hardware and equipment and are the most professional call centers, although they are also the most expensive.

2.   Cloud-based call center systems. These are also SaaS models with the call center hosted in the cloud, accessible from anywhere without downloading or installing the software. These are the most affordable call center systems.

Call Center Features

To ensure the success of your call center, you must take time to look into some of the top call center software features. One feature necessary for any business to have and keep up with the times is customer support software. Customer support software can keep customers informed about their orders, give them options on how to contact you, and even keep track of their calls so that you know how much you should be charging them.

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Per Agent Pricing

When it comes to making customer satisfaction a top priority for your company, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, there should be per agent pricing. Per agent pricing means that there should be a specific price for each agent to know exactly what you are charging your customers. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be set in stone like it is for call centers worldwide. Many companies are developing top call center software that is priced competitively and provides all the tools that customers want and need.

Caller Quality Management

Along with good pricing and real-time call center software features, you will also want to have caller quality management in place. The last thing you want is for customers to call your company and be put on hold or given the wrong number. You want to make sure that you always have someone available to take calls as they come in and promptly correct the situation. Some software features you can have in place include automatic caller reminders, call transfer, caller ID block, and live phone conferencing.


IVR Helps with Call Routing

Another top feature that you will want your call center is an interactive voice response (IVR). An IVR is your call center’s answer to live customer service agents. If you have five employees, you may think that you need to hire a large call center that can handle calls in a large number of departments at one time. If you only have one or two departments, you will want a software program with IVR capabilities. IVR will allow customers to press a button and talk to a live representative, if necessary.

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Predictive Dialers

The last set of call center software features that you want to look into are predictive dialers and escalation management. Predictive dialers can automatically place calls to multiple numbers for you based on information they have collected about the caller’s number. Using this method, employees will not have to waste their time calling a number already in use. The last thing you want is for your customers to call from a non-listed number and not get through to a live representative.

A good call center software program will help improve your overall customer service experience. Remember that these software programs are just the start; you have to have staff who can handle the automated features. When they do that, you will be able to focus your efforts on the things that customers today need most, including improved call recording and predictive dialing.